Carrying a Bowie Knife in Public

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Article by Dylan Sabot

If you've just purchased a Bowie knife, you're probably wondering whether you can carry it on your person. After all, these are striking knives - their rugged, timeless appearance would add a considerable amount to any outfit. However, the answer to whether or not you can carry a Bowie knife on you is "it depends." Every state in the US has different laws governing the carrying of weapons, both concealed and unconcealed on your person. For instance, in the state of California, it is completely legal to carry a Bowie knife (fixed blade only) in a sheath on your person. However, Texas specifically states that Bowie knives are illegal, unless within your personal vehicle, or used during hunting or some other qualifying activity.

As an example of the laws governing knife carry in the US, let's look at the state of Colorado. This state allows pocketknives to be carried both openly and concealed, so long as they have a blade shorter than 3 and 1/2 inches in length. They also allow fixed blade knifes and dirks/daggers, so long as the blade is shorter than 3 and 1/2 inches. Of course, your Bowie knife is likely a bit longer than this, as the blade should be at least 6 inches long to qualify as a Bowie. Therefore, you cannot carry your Bowie knife in public within Colorado, whether concealed or in the open.

The state of Delaware on the other hand, allows the carrying of fixed blade knives such as Bowie knives, dirks and daggers, so long as they are in plain sight. If they are concealed, you must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. However, Delaware does prohibit the use of balisongs or automatic knives whether concealed or unconcealed.

In addition, you'll find that Arizona lets individual cities and towns create their own laws governing what knives can be carried and how they can be carried legally. Therefore, should you travel from Flagstaff to Tucson, you might find that your knife is not legal. Check ahead to avoid legal problems.

Remember, though, it is illegal to carry any sort of weapons into a school, into a bar or club, or into a courthouse. Of course, there are other areas where carrying a weapon is prohibited, but these usually vary by state law, as well.

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